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  Education is always a top priority for Time Travelers.  We're never "too busy" to enjoy your clock stories or provide answers to your questions.  In Horology there is always more to learn so continuing education through mentoring with "Keepers of Time " or attending workshops is an investment we gladly make.

  We believe it is vitally important to keep "old school " clocks as a part of our lives and to educate the public, especially our youngest generations,  to a quality of timekeeping and the workmanship involved that has been a part of human progress for centuries.  By moving their attention away from computers and digital gadgets it provides the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of the sounds and experience the satisfaction that comes with the ability to maintain gear driven clocks.

  With our commitment to education combined with a desire to provide quality services to areas where horologists are "hard to come by," Time Travelers journeys to destinations far away from the shop several times a year with our "Clock Expeditions. " While on the expedition we help establish a "clock repair cooperative" with potential clients in need of services within a geographic region.  Our expeditions also provide a truly unique form of fundraising for communities, schools or organizations that are a little "off the beaten path. "
    Contact us if you're interested in hearing more about our future expeditions!


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